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Global PC Cure Heralding a New Era in Online Technical Support

Annual unlimited PC Technical support

For only $99.99 one time support with tools.
  • Unlimited 24x7 technical assistances.
  • Securing your data.
  • Tools to keep your PC running fast.

Diagnosis & Repair for FREE

  • Virus issue.
  • Hacking issue.
  • Registry errors.
  • Windows errors.
  • System Performance.

Spyware Removal

  • Freezing of Application.
  • Degradation in system performance.
  • Startup/ Shutdown Problems.
  • System Crashes.
  • Internet Connection Problems.
  • Rogue virus pop-up.




Our expert technicians would provide instant support and help to identify and troubleshoot all issues and errors related to your computer and its peripherals. We can provide expert diagnostic and repair services for your PC, hardware and software.